Spesnes Platform

Automaattinen ja reaaliaikainen ohjeistus, seuranta, aikataulutus ja raportointi työstönesteiden kunnonvalvontaan.

Useful from Machinist to Executives

If you want to keep your workplace healthy, make the tools work as long as possible, or extend the lifetime of your fluids, measuring metalworking fluid's properties is essential. Tracking these results is just as important. Now it's easy and reliable.

Järjestelmä ohjaa työntekijöitäsi suorittamaan mittaukset oikein ja ajallaan. Tulokset analysoidaan automaattisesti ja tarvittaessa poikkeamista hälytetään. Kaikki tiedot ovat helposti luettavissa ja saatavilla kaikilla. Saat kaikki tarvittavat näytteet ja mittarit ovellesi toimitettuna.

"We've been satisfied. The system clearly motivates machinists to take better care of fluids, plus tracking progress is effortless."

Marko Pitko • AM-koneistus Oy

Summaries and historical data:

Know what is happening in your machine shop at a glance. The system compiles a real-time summary of all measurement results and draws history graphs so you can track progress over a long period of time.

You can enter the values you want into the system, such as bacterial concentration, pH value, and concentration.

Easy and affordable:

Complete measurement package

In addition to the software, you will receive a complete package of reliable and workshop-tested measuring instruments.

Affordable solution 

Ratkaisut tuottavat merkittävää hyötyä niin pienille kuin suurille yrityksille ja koneille.

Entering the Results

Easy to use

An easy process motivates staff to log results regularly. The platform guides the user to perform measurements correctly and on time, which, according to our customers, has also been implemented very well.


The system uses an easy traffic light model, which shows what condition the fluids are in and what measures are needed. Clarity and visibility have been proven to guide workers to perform measures regularly.

Works with Phone and Computer

As everyone has a phone in their pocket, the platform is also mobile-optimized. Of course, it works nicely with a computer as well.

Reading the Results

Automatic History Graphs

See how the results have changed over time. The platform automatically creates graphs of the results, thereby enabling the correction of problems and fluid condition prediction.

Summaries and Alerts

From the automatic summaries, you can see the condition of all your machines in a glance. Additionally, the system sends customized alerts when the values aren't optimal.

Find Root Causes

Have you ever had quality issues, short tool lifetimes or health issues related to machining? The condition of the machining fluids can significantly affects all of these. Now you can go back to the moment when the problems started and find a solution to them.

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