Products for machine shops

Here you will find high-quality, machine shop-tested measurement supplies and devices, as well as our praised Measurement Platform for measurement management. You can get the Spesnes ICS and AICS devices by contacting us.


Spesnes BICS 2 months trial period
Discover how Spesnes BICS can enhance your machine shop's operations. Extensive automation allows for savings in terms of the environment, health, and costs, without the need for you to worry about correct concentrations, clean fluids, or full tanks.

Try it today. The price includes installation. After two months, you'll likely want to continue the contract, but you can also return the equipment if you're not satisfied.

Only one device per customer.
990.00 € 990.0 EUR
Spesnes Measurement Platform
Take your machine shop's cutting fluid monitoring to a new level with the Spesnes Platform.

The price includes bacterial, mold, and yeast samples, an incubator, pH meter, concentration meter, and all the supplies for regular monitoring of your cutting fluids. Plus, you get top-notch software that makes measurement and interpretation of results quick, effortless, and especially motivating.

Everything is delivered to your door at the same price, and you receive sample refills as needed. Sound easy? It is!

After placing your order, schedule a time for setup that suits you at
59.00 € 59.0 EUR
Microbial Test, pack of 10 tests
Test your metalworking fluid's contamination level easily. The test is specially designed for MWFs and it easily and reliably shows levels of bacteria, yeasts, and mold.

The affordable price tag makes it possible to test fluids regularly. Fluids manufacturers and health authorities recommend testing contamination levels weekly.
38.00 € 38.0 EUR
Accurate and simple-to-use refractometer to test MWF's concentration. The refractometer is delivered in a durable case, and the package also includes a pipette for applying the fluid on the prism, a screwdriver for easy zero-level calibration, an instruction manual, and a soft cloth for cleaning the prism after use.
78.00 € 78.0 EUR
Mikrobien viljelylaite
The Spesnes Incubator is designed for reliable incubation of microbiological culture plates, i.e., for the germination of samples.

The incubation time and temperature must be the same for each sample to ensure comparability of results. The incubator is pre-set to the correct temperature (30°C). We recommend a 7-day incubation period for combination tests (bacteria, molds, and yeasts in the same sample).
479.00 € 479.0 EUR
PRO pH-meter
Enables reliable monitoring of the pH value in machining fluids. This high-quality and accurate pH sensor is suitable for machine shop conditions. It replaces inaccurate pH strips and low-quality sensors. The product emphasizes ease of use by combining an appropriate amount of automation with high-quality components.
148.00 € 148.0 EUR