Spesnes Platform


With Platform, you will always know what is happening in your machine shop and at the same time fulfill your occupational safety monitoring responsibilities. The system tells you the condition of your machining fluids and what actions should be taken for your machining fluids to function optimally. Works with all devices, and the service also includes a 32-inch visual condition monitoring display (additional charge for 65").

The Measurements package includes everything you need for the highest quality manual machining fluid monitoring, such as weekly bacterial, mold, and yeast samples, an incubator, a high-quality digital pH meter, and a concentration meter.

Everything is delivered to your door, and you receive sample refills as they are used. Does it sound easy? It is!

The price of the Platform is €990 per machine shop. Measurements package only €12/month/machining machine. Start easily today

990.00 € 990.0 EUR 990.00 € /each + VAT.

990.00 € /each + VAT.

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