Advanced Intelligent Coolant Sustainer

A comprehensive solution for your machining fluids


Did you know that according to several studies, the cost of machining fluids accounts for up to 16% of manufacturing costs? Let's halve this number.


Käytetyt työstönesteet ovat ongelmajätettä ja useimmiten pohjautuvat fossiiliseen öljyyn. Maksimoimme nesteidesi käyttöiän ja jopa puolitamme tiivisteen kulutuksen.


Impurities in cutting fluids, such as bacteria, metals, and chemicals, are proven to be the biggest occupational health problems in the metal industry. Let's minimize these.

How Does It Work?

1. Measures all essential values

ICS easily, reliably, and in real time measures all essential values of your fluids, such as bacterial concentration, pH, and concentration. The measurements are a key factor in the next steps, where the device adjusts its own operation and the properties of the fluid based on these.

2. Removes all significant impurities

The system removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and other microbes, nanoparticles, circulating leakage oils, and many other substances. The techniques used depend on the properties of your fluids and are examined in advance in our laboratory.

3. Adjusts automatically

The device makes everything easy and worry-free with its automatic adjustments. The results are always optimal as the device automatically adjusts both the fluid properties and its own operations. This way, your employees can focus on productive work.

4. Reports in real time

Do you want to show the world how much you invest in the environment and worker health, or do you need reports for technical and HSEQ purposes? We have a solution. In real time and automatically, naturally.

Fully Modular

Choose and pay only for the features you need. The power of the device can be chosen to cover tanks from a thousand up to 50,000 liters. Check our brochure for more details.

Easy to use

The device is very easy to use, as it does things automatically. If necessary, you can follow what is happening from the integrated measurement system. All you have to do during use is to change the filters when the device asks.

Service Included

You don't have to worry about system lifecycle costs and downtime, as the maintenance service is included in the price. We ensure that the devices and thus your fluids operate optimally. See more below!

Get Risk-Free

Our contract periods start from only three months, so you don't have to commit for long periods. This also means that you can test to ensure that the system suits your needs, risk-free!

Easy and Reliable Service

We don't make money by selling you cheap products and then charging large sums of money for their maintenance. All our devices are made to last a long time. That's why our devices include maintenance for wearing parts, and also consumables, such as filters. See more below.

This is how we operate

Fluid analysis

To make sure what are the issues with your fluids and what are the optimal processes are to solve them, we make a comprehensive laboratory study of your fluids.


You get a clear report of findings. The report includes results from the laboratory tests and suggestions on how to improve the fluids.

Comfortable decision

Commissioning new technologies may be frustrating. However, you can test our systems without obligation, as the contract period starts from only three months!

See the results

To see the results, you get real-time data from the system. If you are not satisfied, you can end the contract. This we don't, however, believe gonna happen.

The Service

The device informs when it's time for service

The device continuously measures its work and properties and automatically alarms us and you when it's time for maintenance. You don't need to do anything.

The new modules arrive to you

We send you new modules to replace the old ones. You don't need to do anything.

Changing the modules

The modules are designed to be replaced very easily. All you need to do is to open a few bolts and rapid connectors, lift the module away and replace the old module with a new one. 

A courier collects the old modules

After changing the modules, the used ones get back to us. You only need to stack them together and pack them. The courier service picks them up for refurbishing.

Let's study your fluids in our well-equipped laboratory today!

You will receive comprehensive reports on the condition of your fluids, potential issues, and recommendations on how to improve the situation. It's easy for you – only a small fluid sample is needed. Book a presentation, and we'll take a closer look together.