Spesnes BICS


Improve the quality of your production by letting lubrication, cooling and corrosion inhibtion to work as they are meant to. Continuosly.

Less Work

Let your employees work on core tasks, and automate the boring and non-profitable ones.

Longer Tool Life

​Effective lubrication and cooling of the inserts, along with microfiltration, are key to extending the life of the tools.

Data in Order

The data you need is user-friendly and readily available. The Measurement Platform extension automatically generates historical graphs and data analysis for you.


After installation, the device operates automatically, and you can almost forget about it. If you need to know something, you'll get an automatic message.

Measures automatically

The system measures the most important values, like the concentration of the fluid, tank level, electrical conductivity, and temperature around the clock. Accurately and automatically.

Adjust the concentration and tank level

As concentration is a key value for fluids to lubricate, cool, and inhibit corrosion, it's a must to keep it at the correct level. Based on the measurements, the system accurately keeps the concentration and tank level at the desired level. And of course, you have full control of the values through the Spesnes Measurements site.

Micron-level filtration

Micron-level filtration increases the useful lifetime of your fluid, reduces the wearing of tools and machines, and enhances the quality of your machining. 100 or 1-micron, durable PP filters are included, depending on your needs.

Alarms, if there's a reason

The system continuously checks if everything is ok with the devices, sensors, fluids, and others. If something happens, like the concentrate drum getting empty, or filters plugged, you will be automatically notified. Also, you can always check the history data from the Spesnes Measurements platform, when needed.

Easy and Reliable Service

All our devices are built to last. That's why our equipment includes maintenance for wearing parts and consumables such as filters. Learn more below.

The device informs when it's time for service

The device continuously measures its own work and properties and automatically alarms us and you when it's time for maintenance. You don't need to do anything.

The new parts arrive

We send you new parts to replace the old ones. You don't need to do anything.

Changing the parts

The parts that need maintenance are designed to be replaced very easily. All you need to do is to open a few bolts and rapid connectors, lift the parts away and replace the old parts with a new ones. 

A courier collects the old parts

After the replacement, the used parts return to us. All you need to do is pack them. A courier service will pick them up for maintenance.

This is how easily you can start using the devices


Klikkaa tuotteet ottamalla meihin yhteyttä.


Varmista, että pistorasia, vesiyhde ja tiivistesäiliö ovat nestesäiliön lähellä. Paljoa ei siis tarvitse. Lisätietoja Tuote- ja palvelukuvauksessa.


You get the device fully assembled. All you need to do for installation is to attach a few hoses, set the tank-level sensor, and connect the power plug.

See the results

You will receive the login information for the extended Measurements Platform by email. From there, you can monitor the operation of the device and, if desired, adjust the automation of the device.

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