Spesnes Universal Start


Try risk-free and see how Spesnes Universal can improve the operation of your machine shop. Extensive automation allows for savings in terms of environment, health, and costs, and you don't have to worry about correct concentrations, clean fluids, or full tanks.

Try it today. The price includes installation and delivery to Finland. You only need to do simple preparatory measures (see service description).

You can choose either a risk-free monthly price or a one-time payment + maintenance contract model, which is even more affordable in the long run. You will likely want to let the contract continue for a long time, but you can also return the equipment if you are not satisfied.

960.00 € 960.0 EUR 960.00 € /each + VAT.

380.00 € /each + VAT.

Not Available For Sale

  • Leasing or lump-sum?

This combination does not exist.

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