Save costs, protect the environment, and safeguard your employees.

We multiply the safe lifespan of metalworking fluids. Automatically and worry-free.

What do we guarantee for you and your cutting fluids?

We multiply the safe lifespan of your fluids

Intelligent cutting fluid maintenance enables up to a 20-fold increase in the lifespan of metalworking fluids. We have already proven to quadruple the lifespan, and the number continues to grow.

We minimize your hazardous waste and health issues

Hazardous waste is reduced by up to 95% by extending the safe lifespan. At the same time, we significantly reduce the major occupational health issues in the industry.

We save costs

and provide reporting

Fluid costs are multiple times the purchase price. In addition to other benefits, Spesnes quickly pays for itself. At the same time, we provide essential reporting.

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Customer Testimonials

"The machining fluid was deemed ready for replacement according to the manufacturer's tests, and the occupational health doctor advised us to solve our odor problems.

We installed the Spesnes system, and everything is back to normal without replacing the fluid.”

2,000 liter machining center


“The Spesnes condition monitoring noticed a sudden deterioration in the condition of the fluid in our central system.

Thanks to their rapid response, the fluid's problems were stopped and fixed. The number of problems has generally decreased significantly."

50,000 litre central system


"The Spesnes system has tripled the lifespan of our grinding fluids. Technical and environmental problems have decreased along with costs. We have been satisfied."

8,000 litre central system


A worry-free solution for every need,

from small machines to large central systems

For all machines and fluids

Occupational safety obligations fullfilled



This solution makes it easy and documented to fulfill occupational safety obligations.

The package includes all necessary gauges, equipment, and samples for reliable and accurate manual measurements every week.

30 €/month
starting fee 990 €/company
+​ 12 €/month

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Medium-sized machines

Worry-free automation for 1-4 m³ machines

ICS Universal

Automates all the key aspects of your metalworking fluids, such as concentration, measurements, and oil collection.

The device measures, adjusts, and cleans all key values completely independently 24/7. It maintains fluids for lifespan, occupational health, and technical operation.

580 €/month*
starting fee 9 710 €
184 €/month maintenance contract

*no notice period - try risk-free!

Key machines and central systems

The best option for 1-50 m³ tanks

ICS Advanced

Perfect device for central systems and other key machines.

The device measures and predicts the development of fluid condition with pinpoint accuracy, adjusts its own and fluid operations in real-time, cleans bacteria and other impurities, and reports essential matters.

Starting at

1 287 €/month


An easy-to-use platform serves your entire company. Based on scientific research, Platform guides you in keeping your metalworking fluids safe and long-lasting.

Services include reminders, alerts and instructions related to fluid condition, condition monitoring history, and much more.

Platform is included with all our products and can also be used separately with your own measuring instruments.

Customer feedback

The user-friendliness of the Spesnes Platform  has motivated our machinists to take care of their metalworking fluids.

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