Automatic metalworking fluid maintenance

improves the environment, 

promotes health 

and saves expenses

Our intelligent solutions are suitable for all machine shops and fluid systems


Machining fluids are considered hazardous waste when disposed of. Additionally, their main ingredient is fossil oil, and transporting tons of waste further increases emissions.

Our customers have up to tripled the lifespan of the fluids while simultaneously halving the concentrate usage.

Occupational Health

According to the Institute of Occupational Health and the Center for Occupational Safety, impurities in metalworking fluids are among the biggest occupational health problems in the industry.

The bacterial concentrations in our customers machining fluids have dropped by an average of 99.9%. With automation, the fluids have been clean, odorless, and there has been little need to touch them.


The cost impacts of poorly maintained cutting fluids are proven to be very significant. Costs arise from, for example, high concentrations, health effects, quality issues, production downtime, disposal of fluids, and wear of blades and machines.

By halving the consumption of concentrate and minimizing the need for fluid changes, our system pays for itself. The remainder stays in your pocket.

​Regular monitoring of cutting fluids is crucial to ensure cost-effective use and minimize risks to people and the environment.

​Large machining fluid manufacturer

The most significant occupational risks are related to microbes and endotoxins in cutting fluid, as well as heavy metals and other impurities that enter the fluid during machining.

The Center for Occupational Safety & Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

The problem with bacteria is that they consume the components of the fluid and produce acidic compounds, leading to a decrease in pH and thus causing corrosion issues and unpleasant odors.

Large machining fluid manufacturer

Autonomous cutting fluid maintenance - to the extent that suits you. 

Measurement management

Spesnes Platform + meters
Starting.118 €


  • Automate your measurement management
  • Bacteria, pH, and concentration meters
  • Unlimited users
  • Free support and implementation

Extensive automation

Spesnes BICS
Starting.6 700 €


  • Concentration and fluid level real-time maintenance
  • Cleaning at the micro-level
  • Monitoring of fluids and equipment condition
  • ​Cost-effective and easy maintenance

Full automation

Spesnes AICS
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  • All measurements and adjustments automatically
  • Removes bacteria, oils, and particulates
  • 24/7 monitoring of fluids and equipment condition
  • Reports for purposes such as ESG