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A comprehensive solution for your cutting, grinding, and other machining fluids.

Autonomous devices and user-friendly software.

Spesnes Measurement Platform

- An easy way to start monitoring the condition of your machining fluids. Try it for free!

Move your machining fluid monitoring into a new era with the Spesnes Measurement Platform. You will get real-time summaries, automatic historical graphs and alerts if the values deviate from optimal. The system also guides you to perform measurements correctly and on time. This way, you know the real state of your fluids - continuously.

The user-friendly platform serves every level of your company from machinists to leaders.

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It's important that the concentration, pH level, and microbial counts are optimal. These should be checked at least weekly.

Large machining fluid manufacturer.

Autonomous maintenance equipment

Basic ICS

- Automates the most important aspects of your machining fluids.

  • ​Adjusts the fluid concentration and tank level automatically around the clock, which reduces the consumption of machining fluids by up to 62%, as most of the fluids in use are too concentrated. At the same time, the lubrication, cooling, and corrosion resistance capabilities of the fluids function efficiently, which extends the service life of your valuable tools and improves the quality of your production. The right concentration is also important for the fluid's lifespan and workers' safety.
  • It automatically measures the most important values, such as concentration and fluid purity, makes historical graphs of them, and alerts you if any values deviate from the optimal. Summaries and analyses enable comprehensive, real-time and easy monitoring of fluids.
  • Micrometric filtration minimizes the wear and tear of valuable machines and blades. The smaller the particle, the easier it flows with the fluid between the blade and the part. Therefore, it's important that the fluids are clean even for the smallest particle.

This device is what you need when you want to increase the degree of automation of your machines, reduce labor, fluid and blade costs, and improve the performance of your fluids. The device's capacity can be scaled for tanks from 500 to 4,000 liters. The device takes up only half the space of a euro pallet. Does it sound easy? It really is.

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Advanced ICS

-Effectively targets the root causes of fluid degradation.

  • Removes all impurities with one device. The patented (pat. pend.) AICS machining fluid system removes all significant impurities from the cycle, such as bacteria, microparticles, and leakage oils. It significantly reduces the costs associated with the use of fluid, minimizes environmental impact to a fraction, and significantly improves occupational health.
  • It measures all essential values in real time. The automatic system independently measures the condition of the fluid 24/7. AI and IoT technologies enable the monitoring of all important parameters, such as bacterial concentration, pH value, and chemical stability. Analyzed measurement results, summaries, and historical graphs are always available to you.
  • Automatically adjusts the fluid concentration and its own operation, thus the end result is always perfect. With automation, you can trust that the fluids always work as they should. Removes manual work related to fluid maintenance.

The system increases your company's competitiveness by improving sustainable development along with cost savings. The modular device is suitable for small machining machines to large central systems. The device takes up only half the space of a euro pallet and only grows upward. Savings, environment, and health - all at once.

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